A validation study of psychological questionnaires in chronic LBP patients

Psychological factors play an important role in the prediction of chronicity in patients with low back pain, however, our knowledge about which psychological factors are modifiable and if targeted treatment is effective in preventing or alleviating chronicity is sparse.

A large longitudinal cohort study on patients with LBP at the Spine Center of Southern Denmark seeks to initiate research in the above questions. The project implements commonly used psychological questionnaires such as 1) The Tampa Scale (kinesiophobia), 2) Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale (depression), 3) Pain Catastrophizing Scale (patient castrophizing in relation to pain), and 4) Harvard Trauma Questionnaire (post-traumatic stress disorder). These questionnaires are translated and cross-culturally adapted into Danish, however, none of them have been validated in a population of chronic LBP patients. The present study will clinimetrically evaluate the four questionnaires in chronic LBP patients.

  • Henrik Hein Lauridsen, University of Southern Denmark
  • Claus Manniche, Spine Centre of Southern Denmark and University of Southern Denmark
  • Tonny Elmose Andersen, University of Southern Denmark