Health Services Research

Health services research is aimed at exploring, describing, and explaining phenomena in the way health care is organized and delivered.

The implications of illness stretch beyond the individual and impact society at a variety of different levels and in MSD, the cost of management places an ever growing burden on society. Health care delivery in musculoskeletal disorders is many times diffuse and roles are not clearly allocated among the various health care professionals. Thus, research aimed at developing and improving health care delivery is of significant importance. If carried with the necessary methodological rigor, social research provides important clues as to where other types of research might focus in order to maximize available resources.

In Denmark the integration of chiropractic into both primary and secondary health care settings provides a unique opportunity to study how clinical, organizational, financial, and political factors interact and how integrated delivery of health care for MSD evolves when a new profession in introduced. Habits and attitudes of both chiropractic practitioners as well as clinicians with other backgrounds are challenged and new patterns of and practice models are evolving.

Specifically we will:

  • Describe and study the role of chiropractic services in the Danish health care sector
  • Describe and study the development of integrated delivery of musculoskeletal health care services in hospitals with special focus on chiropractic
  • Describe and study the development of an appropriate inter-disciplinary practice model for Danish primary health care sector with special focus on the roles of chiropractic