Neck and shoulder research


Neck and shoulder research area 

Our research aims at identifying biomechanical risk factors and neuro-muscular mechanisms in the development of neck and shoulder pain as well as the role of muscle function and exercise in their prevention and treatment. Current projects include shoulder impingement, trapezius myalgia and chronic neck pain, conducted as PhD projects nested in two more comprehensive RCT studies. In another line of research, the effect of work site interventions among workers engaged in heavy physical labour is being evaluated. 

Neck and shoulder projects

The BIONEX study focuses on the effect of biofeedback-guided physical exercise for myalgic and impingement patients, while the KRONEX study focuses on the effect of combined physical and cognitive behavioral training on chronic neck pain patients, including those with whiplash.

PhD projects

A PhD project within BIONEX aims at validating the clinical test for impingement and objective measures of scapular coordination (link to project).

A PhD project within KRONEX evaluates the effect of the intervention specifically on whiplash patients (link to project).

These projects are performed in collaboration with other research institutes and universities.