Clinical research in Neck-Shoulder disorders and Generalised Joint Hypermobility

This research is focused on development of clinical outcome methods, identification and treatment of joint injuries and neuromuscular dysfunctions in patients with neck-shoulder problems and subjects with Generalised Joint Hypermobility. 


Ongoing research involves method development and an RCT-study with treatment of patients with chronic neck pain, both with and without a whiplash trauma. This is project is carried through as a PhD-project  with 5 adjuncted master theses, and with an international cooperation partner.


In the area of shoulder problems 2 PhD-projects will study clinical and patient reported outcomes, in addition to the effect of non-operative treatment concepts in

a multi-center study, consisting of 2 PhD- and 1 postdoctor-project, 6 adjuncted master theses  and 2 international cooperation projects.


In the area of Generalised Joint Hypermobility (GJH) risk factors for development of pain and reduced physical function will be studied in children and adults with GJH, from 3 PhD-projects, 7 adjuncted master theses, and 3 international cooperation projects.


Head of Resarch

Birgit Juul-Kristensen

Associate Professor Birgit Juul-Kristensen