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The Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics  (SEBE) is part of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark.

At SEBE we are approximately 50 employees and around 900 students. The Department has an annual turnover of approximately 35 million DKK. We are located at the SDU Campus in Esbjerg. Find your way to us by following the link.

Primary tasks

SEBE performs tasks within research and development, education and “lifelong learning”, public sector services, innovation, counselling and communication on both national and international level.

Research and Teaching

SEBE carries out research and research-based education in the fields of Cultural Sociology, Marketing, Resource Economics, Rural Research, Innovation, Buying Behaviour, Energy Management and Sport and Event Management.

The Center for Rural Research (CLF) offering education, courses, counselling and development in rural areas, is also part of the department.


SEBE was established in 2010 as a merger of the Department of Environmental and Business Economics (IME) and the Institute for Research and Development in Rural Areas (IFUL) and the Institute for Maritime Research and Innovation (MFI).