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Yingkui Yang is introductory speaker on researcher seminar on wind integration in the system

The seminar will be held in Beijing from 16 to17 November

This workshop is organized by the SDC Sustainable Energy, which is a joint Sino-Danish collaboration on research and education in sustainable energy started in 2009.

Countries around the world – big countries like China and small countries like Denmark – face critical energy choices in order to meet the triple goals of economic competitiveness, security of supply and environmental degradation and climate change. Thus the energy choices resolve around choosing appropriate policies and measures, on deciding on the energy mix and on the timing and scope of grid investments.

This first workshop will focus on integration of wind power in the energy systems. More intermittent energy sources in the electricity system will require many changes not only in terms of new technologies, but also in terms of infrastructures, interconnections, regulatory environment, harmonized standards and new business models from energy production to final consumption. The workshop will explore the similarities and differences in a variety of cases in order to summarize lessons learned.

Editing was completed: 03.11.2015