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Can our children save the climate?

Themes such as environment and climate are taught at school. But nobody quite knows whether this has a positive effect. Listen to the research results on this video

On 14 and 15 August 2018 a People’s Energy Meeting was taking place in Esbjerg (during the Esbjerg Festival week).

Professor Magnus Söderberg and Head of the Energy Management Centre (EMC) made a presentation talking about

Why energy is important to study (i.e. its role in relation to climate change)
Why it is important to understand human behaviour in relation to energy investments and consumption
Preliminary results from the School project we are currently doing in Aarhus together with NRGi and primary school.

Jyske Bank television made a video from the People's Energy Meeting:

Can our children save the climate? (the video is in English)


From the People's Energy Meeting



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