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Special award for research-based learning

Professor Gunnar Svendsen acceded as head of studies on the Sociology and Cultural Analysis education in 2013 and has since been a great pillar for the students. This has contributed to Gunnar Svendsen being awarded “Special Award for Research-Based Learning” for the Faculty of Social Science

By Special award for research-based learning, 8/31/2018

The reason for awarding this prize is that the education is structured in such a manner that the students use the acquired knowledge and skills in practical issues that are formulated in semester projects. The students work with a specific issue in groups and link theory and methodology with practical work which makes this education unique.


This way of teaching has many advantages. The students are being trained in team work, as they collaborate on specific projects in cooperation with companies, municipalities and organizations.


This approach provides good experience and competences for the students as well as professionally relevant and useful projects.


In addition, the students become competent in writing reports as well as interdisciplinary work as the project combines the semester courses. A combination of written dissemination, presentations and oral examination means that the students are being trained in different skills and are prepared for the further course.


A Student at the Sociology and Cultural Analysis education has stated:


“As head of studies, Gunnar has a big part in the fact that we as students get the opportunity to and are encouraged to apply theory and methodology to societal issues. This structure of the education provides great opportunity to apply your knowledge outside the university. As a student, it is amazing to feel that you already during the education can help make a difference.”


Congratulations to Gunnar L.H. Svendsen!


Gunnar L.H. Svendsen


Editing was completed: 31.08.2018