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New Double Master Degree Programme for Economics and Management

University of Southern Denmark and the Italian University UNIFE have agreed upon setting up a new Double Master Degree. The Degree will have two tracks: ‘MSc Environmental and Resource Management’ and ‘Green Economy and Sustainability’

In the first year the students will study the courses offered under ‘MSc in Environmental and Resource Management’ at SDU in Esbjerg.


In the second year the programme will take place at the university in Italy, where the students must pass the courses on the second track ‘Green Economy and Sustainability’.


The purpose of the double degree is to prepare the students for the global labour market.  Read more


The Department of Environmental and Business Economics is offering the Master Degree Programme ‘MSc in Environmental and Resource Management’ in cooperation with Aalborg University. With the new Double Master Degree Programme, the students will get even better opportunities to specialize internationally within environment, economy and management.


SDU’s contact person: Head of Study Lars, tel. +45  6550 4208


Editing was completed: 12.04.2016