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Workshop on 8-10 March

The workshop is part of the project: Nordic Energy Transitions: Past, Present and Future, financially supported by the Joint 

Committee for Nordic research councils in the humanities and social sciences. 


Confirmed Keynote Speakers: 

Mar Rubio, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain 

Roger Fouquet, Grantham Institute, London School of Economics 



Within the broad framework of energy economics and energy policy, we will host a series of multidisciplinary workshops that build a deeper understanding of the opportunities and hazards associated with energy transitions. This first workshop will examine past transitions. The primary purpose is to identify and provide guidance in understanding the main, inherently interdisciplinary challenges of past energy transitions (e.g. wood to coal, whale oil to kerosene to electricity), with a focus on Nordic economies and societies. Many analyses tend to focus on a specific aspect of energy transitions, e.g. engineering challenges. We aim to increase research connections and understanding that examine the full spectrum of human dimensions affecting energy transitions more inclusively.



We intend to host ~25 participants, with approximately 15 ½-hour presentations in addition to the keynotes. We bring together experts on economic history, energy policy, energy economics and related fields to present theories and case studies, particularly from the Nordic countries, and to discuss continuing research. We anticipate participation from academics, energy resource managers, Nordic and other energy policy makers and stakeholders for maximum impact. 



There is no workshop fee. Acceptance is limited and will occur on a rolling basis. 

For consideration as a presenter, please submit a short abstract and title pertinent to the theme. 

For consideration as an attendee, please send a short (2 page max) CV outlining your relevant experience and interest in the topic. Presenters and attendees should expect to contribute to workshop outputs, some of which may include publications and may receive stipends (details to follow). Deadline for enrolment is January 31, 2017. Please send your application by e-mail to


News and questions: 

Updated information about the workshop can be found at the Energy Center website under conferences. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact Irene Nygaard at


See program here

See presentations here



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