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Psykrådet - Student council


Psykrådet at SDU is a student council for all the psychology students at SDU. The purpose of Psykrådet is to represent the students to the institute, and to take care of the students' professional and social concerns. We are represented in both Studienævnet and the council of the institute of psychology, where we give voice to opinions of the students.

Our goals:

  • We wish to be an open, democratic student council for everyone who studies psychology at SDU.
  • We work to create possibilities for the students to be heard, and actively seek feedback in an open and inclusive space, where everyone is welcome and everyone will be heard.
  • We wish to support commitment to the social and professional environment, and it is our goal that students of all years are represented in Psykrådet. We also work to increase cooperation and social engagement across the different class years.
  • We work towards having psychology students represented in committees and governing bodies on the university, to make our voice heard in key decisions.
  • We are happy to work with other student organizations or groups to create even better conditions for the students

Give us a like on - this is where you can keep an eye on our activities and contact us.

Contact person for Psykrådet: Gunnar V. Grunert

Last Updated 11.06.2021