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Effect of mindfulness and music on cognition


There are countless training interventions in Danish companies that aim to lower stress and increase productivity and job satisfaction. However, there is a need to explore if such training interventions actually have the intended effects.


The research question that is being investigated in this project is:

Has two types of interventions, respectively i) mindfulness and ii) concentration music measurable effects on cognition, as measured by working memory capacity, well-being and stress.

The project takes a quantitative approach by using neuropsychological targets for focus and working memory, and physiological measures of stress.

Expected results

This project offers evidence-based knowledge based on concrete effect sizes of the interventions. The project collaborates with Data Cubed in developing an app-based platform to measure effects of various training interventions.

Principal Investigator

Ulrich Kirk, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Southern Denmark.


Last Updated 19.10.2023