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Healthy Lifestyle Study

The Healthy Lifestyle study is one out of 5 studies of the RESCueH program. 1 April 2013 opened the research program RESCueH. RESCueH consists of five studies that aim to better outpatient alcohol treatment. The main organization and administration of is driven by the Unit of Clinical AlcoholResearch, SDU, and the studies are funded by the Lundbeck Foundation, TrygFonden, Region of Southern Denmark and University of Southern Denmark.

RESCueH is an acronym that stands for: The Relay-study, The Elderly-study, The Self-match study, The Cue Exposure-study and the Healthy Lifestyle-study. All studies are randomized trials.

Background and Design

Alcohol use disorder is a widespread problem in Denmark and has severe impacts on health and quality of life of each individual. The clinical treatment of alcohol use disorder involves evidence-based knowledge on medical treatment, physical training, and psychological management. The aim of the Healthy Lifestyle Study is to investigate the effect of physical exercise on alcohol intake, cardio-respiratory fitness and socio-psychological outcomes. The study is a randomized controlled trial with three arms:

(A) Standard treatment alone;
(B) Standard treatment + physical exercise in groups; or
(C) Standard treatment + physical exercise on an individual basis.

The patients will be interviewed and tested at baseline, and after 6 and 12 months. We expect that alcohol consumption six months after start of treatment will be lower in the experimental groups A and B than in the control group (C). We also expect compliance during treatment to be better in the experimental groups than in the control group. Furthermore, we expect better quality of life, less anxiety and depression and better fitness in the experimental groups than in the control group.

The specific objectives of this study are to examine whether physical activity done alone or in groups as an adjunct to outpatient alcohol treatment has an effect on:

  1. Alcohol intake 6 months and 12 months after initiation treatment

  2. Patients wellbeing, fitness, anxiety, depression and interpersonal problems

    Complete Study description

    Trainingprogram (Danish)



Supervised instruction

4 sessions à 60 min:

2 sessions prior to start (providing running instructions & exercise program);

2 sessions following up (providing regulation of program)

36 sessions à 60 min:

2 weekly sessions during 12 weeks, followed by 1 weekly session during 12 weeks;

(providing running instructions & exercise program)

The project is carried out by InCoRE Research Group.

Last Updated 22.03.2019