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Profile of Sophie Lykkegaard Ravn

Portræt af Sophie Lykkegaard Ravn


Sophie Lykkegaard Ravn

Academic titel

Assistant Professor

Research profile

Sophie Lykkegaard Ravn graduated as a psychologist from University of Southern Denmark in 2015 and continued to a PhD fellowship at the Specialized Hospital for Polio and Accident Victims, Roedovre, and the Department of Psychology, University of Southern Denmark.

Sophie’s research belongs to the area of clinical psychology and is placed in the intersection between psychotraumatology and health psychology. Specifically, Sophie’s PhD project examined the interaction between persistent pain and posttraumatic stress symptomatology among whiplash injured. This was is investigated through a number of different methodologies, causing Sophie to have experience with both the quantitative and qualitative paradigm, including also systematic reviews and randomized, controlled trials. Sophie now has a Assistant Professor position affiliated with both institutions.


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Member of

ThRIVE and InCoRE Research Groups

Last Updated 10.12.2019