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Projects completed by ThRIVE research group earlier


A coordinated community response to rape and sexual assault

Experiences from a Danish multidisciplinary public approach.
Project period: 2013-2017
Contact person: Louise Hjort Nielsen 

Reported Rape

A Ph.D. project studying attrition in reported rapes in Denmark and associations to victim- and assault characteristics.
Project period: 2012-2017
Contact person: Nina Beck Hansen

Cordially Speaking (Kærlig Talt)

Investigating the effect of a dating violence prevention program in a student population. In collaboration with HRH Crown Princess Mary´s Foundation and the Center for Family Development.
Project period: 2014 – 2016
Contact person: Maj Hansen

Mental health among Greenlandic youth

A dissemination report on knowledge, preventive interventions, and responsible agencies. Nordic Centre for welfare and social issues.
Project period 2014-2015
Contact person: Sidsel Karsberg

The psychological consequences of bank robbery

A national PhD study of the psychological consequences of bank robbery and the associated risk factors. In collaboration with The Danish Bankers Association, The Danish National Bank and Danish banks.
Project period: 2010-2014
Contact person: Maj Hansen

Last Updated 19.08.2021