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Susanne S. Pedersen

Susanne S. Petersen, Head of the Psychology Department, SDU


Susanne S. Pedersen

Academic titel

Head of the Psychology Department, Professor

Research profile

I am the Head of the Department and Professor of Cardiac Psychology, with my primary area of expertise being in medical and health psychology. My research primarily focuses on the interplay between cardiology and psychology (heart and mind), with emphasis on the psychosocial consequences of heart disease and the impact of personality, anxiety, depression, and treatment (e.g. living with an implantable cardioverter defbrillator (ICD)) on patient-reported outcomes (e.g. quality of life), morbidity and mortality. My research has lately moved towards intervention research and how to optimize patient information and treatment using a multi-disciplinary approach, including e-health and ICT solutions. In addition to my employment at SDU, I also have a part-time employment at the Department of Cardiology, Odense University Hospital.


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Member of

INSIDE Research Group

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