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Frans Pouwer


Frans Pouwer

Academic titel

The Head of the Research Group, Professor

Research profile

I am professor of Medical Psychology, specialized in psychological aspects of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a common chronic disease that requires 24/7 self-care management. Diabetes can seriously impact the psychological well-being of those who have the disease and their family members. Yet, psychological problems such as depression, stress or anxiety can become burdensome barriers that hamper adequate treatment of diabetes, leading to increased risk for future complications. My other research topics include the psychological impact of hypoglycaemia, appraisals of insulin therapy, eating problems, disturbed sleep, parent-child interactions, stigma in diabetes. Using prospective data, I have also studied chronic stress and depression as risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes. In several randomized controlled trials, I have tested different interventions, including mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, (web-based) cognitive behavioral therapy, omega-3 fatty acids and stepped care for depression.


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Hypo-RESOLVE. Psychological burden of hypoglycaemia: a 360 degree assessment

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