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Kirsten Kaya Roessler


Kirsten Kaya Roessler

Academic titel

Professor, Dr.phil.

Research profile

I am professor and Dr.phil. in psychology with special interest in health and environmental psychology. I have completed clinical educations in psychodynamic group analysis (Tiefenbrunn, Göttingen) and in cognitive therapy (St.Hans, Roskilde).

I have written books in the field of health, pain, and movement, and performed a wide range of intervention studies on physical activity as treatment. Treatment interventions cannot be developed in isolation without regard to communication, relationships and the surrounding culture and environment. Therefore, my recent work is centred on aspects of existential communication in health science.

My task as leader of a broad research group intends to focus on individuals and groups in relation to their social context and their interaction with others in the context of illness and disease.

Outgoing from a lifelong interest in humanistic research, I have completed randomized controlled trials, mixed methods studies and qualitative studies.


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