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Lone Diana Hørlyck


Lone Diana Hørlyck

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Lone Hørlyck joined the Biological and Cognitive Psychology research group at SDU as a postdoctoral researcher in 2018.

Lone's research interests are focused on how alterations in cognition and brain function contribute to the development and maintenance of psychiatric disorders. Specifically, Lone is interested spatial and episodic memory and social cognition.

Lone holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from University College London (UCL) from 2017. During her PhD, she investigated the effects of post-encoding processing on episodic memory and memory intrusions for traumatic material using behavioural methods and fMRI. Lone also holds an MSc (with distinction) in Clinical Neuroscience from UCL and an MSc in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen.

At SDU, Lone works with associate professor Ulrich Kirk, currently on a project investigating the neural mechanisms of social interaction in autism using fMRI.


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Biological substrates of social exchange in Autism

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Biological and Cognitive Psychology Research Group

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