Selected publications

    • Figeac F, Andersen DC, Nipper Nielsen CA, Ditzel N, Sheikh SP, Skjødt K, Kassem M, Jensen CH and Abdallah BM. Antibody-based inhibition of circulating DLK1 protects from estrogen deficiency-induced bone loss in mice. Bone 2018;100:312-320.
    • Andersen DC, Ganesalingam S, Jensen CH, Sheikh SP. Do neonatal mouse hearts regenerate following heart apex resection? Stem Cell Reports 2014;2:406-413.

    • Zebrowski DC, Jensen CH, Becker R, Ferrazzi F, Baun C, Hvidsten S, Sheikh SP, Polizzotti BD, Andersen DC (Co-senior), Engel FB. Cardiac injury of the newborn mammalian heart accelerates cardiomyocyte terminal differentiation. Sci Rep 2017;7:8362.

    • Andersen DC, Jensen CH, Baun C, Hvidsten S, Zebrowski DC, Engel FB, Sheikh SP. Persistent scarring and dilated cardiomyopathy suggest incomplete regeneration of the apex resected neonatal mouse myocardium - A 180days follow up study. J Mol Cell Cardiol 2016;90:47-52.

    • Mortensen SB, Jensen CH, Schneider M, Thomassen M, Kruse TA, Laborda J, Sheikh SP, Andersen DC. Membrane-tethered delta-like 1 homolog (DLK1) restricts adipose tissue size by inhibiting preadipocyte proliferation. Diabetes 2012;61:2814-2822.

    • Aagaard KS, Ganesalingam S, Jensen CH, Sheikh SP, Andersen DC. Poor engraftment potential of epicardial progenitors upon intramyocardial transplantation into the neonatal mouse heart. Int J Cardiol 2013;168:4360-4362.

    • Andersen DC, Jensen CH, Skovrind I, Johnsen RH, Traustadottir GA, Aagaard KS, Ganesalingam S, Sheikh SP. Neonatal epicardial-derived progenitors aquire myogenic traits in skeletal muscle, but not cardiac muscle. Int J Cardiol 2016;222:448-456.

    • Andersen DC, Laborda J, Baladron V, Kassem M, Sheikh SP, Jensen CH. Dual role of delta-like 1 homolog (DLK1) in skeletal muscle development and adult muscle regeneration. Development 2013;140:3743-3753.

    • Andersen DC, Andersen P, Schneider M, Jensen HB, Sheikh SP. Murine "cardiospheres" are not a source of stem cells with cardiomyogenic potential. Stem Cells 2009;27:1571-1581.

    • Traustadottir GA, Jensen CH, Thomassen M, Beck HC, Mortensen SB, Laborda J, Baladron V, Sheikh SP, Andersen DC. Evidence of non-canonical NOTCH signaling: Delta-like 1 homolog (DLK1) directly interacts with the NOTCH1 receptor in mammals. Cell Signal 2016;28:246-254.

    • Andersen DC, Petersson SJ, Jorgensen LH, Bollen P, Jensen PB, Teisner B, Schroeder HD, Jensen CH. Characterization of DLK1+ cells emerging during skeletal muscle remodeling in response to myositis, myopathies, and acute injury. Stem Cells 2009;27:898-908.

    • Traustadottir GA, Jensen CH, Garcia Ramirez JJ, Beck HC, Sheikh SP, Andersen DC. The non-canonical NOTCH1 ligand Delta-like 1 homolog (DLK1) self interacts in mammals. Int J Biol Macromol 2017;97:460-467.

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