Center for Vascular Regeneration (CVR) is a research institution branching out from The Danish Center for Regenerative Medicine (DanishCRM) at Odense University Hospital (OUH).
CVR is focused on enhancing vascularization in disease using adipose derived stem/regenerative cells (ADRCs) and is based on a strong interdisciplinary union between basic scientists and clinicians from OUH, University of Southern Denmark, University of Copenhagen as well as industry (Novozymes).
In September 2017, CVR was granted 25 million DKK from the Danish Innovation Foundation to accomplish its 4 major research goals defined by LymphREG, EDCorrect, BioVessel and ComMOn.
LymphREG and EDCorrect concern completion of two randomized clinical phase 2 trials to test the efficacy of ADRCs in alleviating Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL) and correcting Erectile Dysfunction (ED), respectively. BioVessel, a third objective comprises preclinical testing of ADRCs based vascular grafts in large animals and case studies in humans.
As a final objective, ComMOn seeks to optimize the ADRC product and test if big data analysis can be used to stratify patients into groups based on their response to ADRC treatment.

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