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MCI hosts workshop on intelligent solar cells

Researchers from different European universities participate in workshop on new solar cell technologies at the Mads Clausen Institute

The Mads Clausen Institute brings intelligent solar cells of the future into focus with a workshop for researchers and companies held Monday June 24 at the institute at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg. Especially, the workshop will deal with thin-film solar cells, light energy harvesting as well as flexible solar, semi-transparent, and dye-sensitized solar cells.


European researchers participate

The workshop offers contributions about the different focus areas from researchers from Germany, Sweden and Denmark as well as a poster session, where contributors and participants can present new results within research and development of solar cells.


Dissemination of knowledge enhances research

The workshop is arranged as part of the Interreg 4A project eMotion, which among other things includes research in semi-transparent solar cells for different kinds of windows. The purpose of the workshop is to enhance solar cell research through dissemination of knowledge.


See invitation to the workshop HERE. To participate in the workshop, please contact Roana de Oliveira Hansen via e-mail
Editing was completed: 17.06.2013