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New framework for responsible development and innovation

MCI-project publishes framework for responsible development and innovation in industrial companies.

The project Responsible-Industry is a collaboration between a series of European research-oriented enterprises, including the Mads Clausen Institute, and organizations within innovation. Together, they work on increasing the corporate responsibility of private companies in research, development and innovation. The project is backed by funds from the EU and it has now reached its first important result – a framework for implementing corporate responsibility in development and innovation (Responsible Research and Innovation - RRI) in companies within Information and Communication Technology.

The framework contains a set of recommendations and procedures for the facilitation of RRI in industry. It is based on extensive consultation with international representatives from research, industry and civil society.

MCI researchers take the next step

The project recently gathered for a meeting in Brussels to discuss the achieved milestone and the meeting was hosted by the Mads Clausen Institute in cooperation with the South Denmark European Office.
At the meeting, plans were made for the next steps to be taken. Among other things, this entails that researchers from The Mads Clausen Institute have to assess how the framework has been brought into action at industrial stakeholders. The results of this work will be assessed when the project gathers again in Berlin in the summer.

For further information, please visit the project web page or contact:
-Professor Alexander Brem, the Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark, Ph. +45 6550 9246,
- PhD student Emad Yaghmaei, the Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark, Ph. +45 6550 9382,
Editing was completed: 27.02.2016