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Topping-out ceremony for Centre for Industrial Electronics

Today's topping-out ceremony emphasised that the new CIE building is well over midway. LINAK CEO, Bent Jensen, gave thanks to the tradesmen for their huge work efforts on behalf of the owners.

By Sune Holst, , 11/23/2018

The weather outside was in stark contrast to the ceremony inside, when the topping-out ceremony for Centre for Industrial Electronics (CIE) was held today. While a rough wind from southwest blew outside, Bent Jensen was glowing like a sun when he, on behalf of the owners who besides LINAK also count Bitten & Mads Clausen's Fond, paid tribute to the tradesmen who had gone through toll and trouble to get the CIE building off the ground.

- I would like to say thank you to the tradesmen, contractors and architects for having delivered such high-class workmanship. The price is kept; that’s the most important thing. The timeline is also kept; that’s the next most important thing. This is your party!

This is how it sounded from a humorous Bent Jensen when he, from the lectern, bid welcome to the topping-out ceremony for CIE today.

Extension of the companies’ development departments

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at SDU, Henrik Bindslev, too, was generous with credits to the tradesmen, contractors and architects and emphasised that it was a unique building they have raised. The CIE building will provide laboratory facilities which not only will boost the region and the local companies but the entire industry for energy efficient electronics. CIE will house three new engineering programmes.

- The companies should see us as an extension of their development departments, the Dean said.

A unique collaboration between public and private companies form the basis for CIE. Danfoss, LINAK, the Region of Southern Denmark, Sonderborg Municipality and SDU have thus each invested 35 million kroner in the Centre for Industrial Electronics. Owners of the CIE building are Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Fond together with LINAK. The two partners invested 60 million in the physical setting. The topping-out ceremony marked that the building is well over midway and ready to be used after the summer break 2019.

Editing was completed: 23.11.2018