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MCI in cooperation with German institute of food technology

The Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg, has entered into a cooperative agreement with the institute of food technology KIN in Neumünster.

Several cross-border EU-projects have now led to the signing of a cooperative agreement between the Mads Clausen Institute and the institute of food technology KIN, Konserveninstitut Neumünster, and thus a closer cooperation in projects and research. KIN is MCI’s partner in the project Nanofood and has had a seat in the steering committee for the project Lab-on-chip.

To the Mads Clausen Institute, the cooperative agreement means that the institute can employ KIN in research and development projects, where it is necessary to determine bacteria in foodstuff. Furthermore, KIN represents more than 200 companies within the food industry of Northern Germany and thus offers a forum for future cooperation with these companies. Finally, KIN can work as cooperation partner in additional cross-border projects where the focus is on sensors, microtechnology and mechatronic systems.

In the collaboration with KIN, the Mads Clausen Institute vice versa can work as access point to companies and research institutions in Scandinavia. In addition, the MCI can contribute to the cooperation with knowledge and expertise in research and development of e.g. mechatronics and nanotechnology.

It is Professor Dr. Michaela Oesser, CEO of KIN, who has taken the initiative to the cooperative agreement.

Editing was completed: 03.10.2013