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Engineering students push-started bike project

Svendborg Municipality has initiated a project of enhancing bicycle transportation. Students from Innovation and Business kick started the project.

In future, it will be easier and safer to ride a bike in the city of Svendborg. In cooperation with COWI, Svendborg Municipality has engaged the city’s three high schools to help make this happen and the other day, the project SmartBiking was launched at a kick-off event at Svendborg Vocational College. It took place with the assistance of five students from the engineering study program Innovation and Business from SDU Campus Sønderborg.

Brainstorming with 220 high school students

At the kick-off event, 220 high school students from both STX, HTX and HHX in Svendborg were gathered an entire morning to work with brainstorming and idea generation with bicycle transportation as the turning point. One of the five Innovation and Business students introduced the high school students to two brainstorming methods, and afterwards they were divided into groups to do the idea generation. During the entire morning, the five engineering students assisted the high school students, who worked energetically and dedicated.

500 good ideas

The result was a lot of good ideas – actually more than 500. This was surprising to several of the high school students.

-I’m really surprised at how well this has worked, said Rasmus Kroman who is on his second year in HHX. I like math and theoretical work but it has been a lot of fun to try a real idea generation process and see that you actually can learn how to think differently and become more creative, said Rasmus Kroman.

Results presented at fair

Over the next months, the high schools will keep working on the ideas, which among other things will be used to put together the contents for consumer surveys, campaign material as well as the design and development of concepts for new, intelligent bicycle parking. The outcome will be revealed on November 3, where Svendborg Vocational College hosts a fair to present the results of the project.

See photos from the day on Facebook - On the photo on this page is high school student Rasmus Kroman.

Are you a teacher in high school, your students can participate in an innovation camp managed by students from Innovation and Business – see here Innovation and Business Camp.

Editing was completed: 08.09.2014