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Engineering project received award for best bachelor assignment

A student from the engineering study program Innovation and Business received the BHJ Foundation’s award for best bachelor assignment.

For engineering student Emil C. Tokebjerg, the graduation ceremony at the University of Southern Denmark Campus Sønderborg became a little better than expected. Emil was able to celebrate the completion of his bachelor degree in the engineering study program Innovation and Business. He finished the first three years of the study program with a bachelor thesis made in cooperation with the Sønderborg-company ViewNet, which produces flat panels. Emil received the highest grade 12 for his paper on new sales possibilities for the interactive flat panel system AktiView, and this Friday he received an extra reward when he and the company was awarded with the BHJ Foundation’s prize for best bachelor project made in cooperation with a company.


DKK 25.000 for the student

The award consists of DKK 25.000 which go to the student, and the company receives a plaque, where the project title and the names of the student and the company are engraved. An identical plaque is hung on the Wall of Fame, a wall situated in the Science Park of Alsion, where plaques are put up for all recipients of the BHJ Foundation’s awards. And the students as well as the company were happy about receiving the award.

-I’m completely overwhelmed about receiving the award. The cooperation with my supervisor from SDU, Marianne Stenger, and ViewNet has been fantastic. They have received me so well and I feel very privileged. I will continue my studies on the master program of Innovation and Business and if ViewNet should need assistance from me I would be happy to help, said Emil C. Tokebjerg.

CEO of ViewNet, Lars Dalvig, was very proud that the outcome of the bachelor project about AktiView was so successful.

-The cooperation with Emil and the University of Southern Denmark has been incredibly rewarding. We have sold the concept of interactive flat panels to Sønderborg and several cities in the area. They will be excellent as a reference set-up when we have to market the system, said Lars Dalvig.


The graduation at SDU Campus Sønderborg was according to tradition held in festive surroundings in the concert hall at Alsion. The ceremonial address was held by Mikkel Hemmingsen, Regional Director of the Region of Southern Denmark, and the Alsion Choir, under management of Johan Korsfelt, conducted the musical elements. After the ceremony, a reception was held for the graduates and their families.


Photo: From left – Associate Professor Marianne Stenger, the Mads Clausen Institute, SDU, student of Innovation and Business Emil C. Tokebjerg and CEO of ViewNet Lars Dalvig with the plaque between them.

Editing was completed: 30.06.2014