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MCI to increase automation in companies in Southern Denmark

The Mads Clausen Institute, EUCSyd, Udviklingsråd Sønderjylland and five companies have launched a project of 6 mio. DKK, which is to increase the automation in 100 companies in Southern Denmark.

With a budget of 6 Mio. DKK from the European Regional Fund and Regional Development funds, the Mads Clausen Institute has now launched the project AutoSyd in cooperation with EUCSyd, Udviklingsråd Sønderjylland and five companies. The project will contact a minimum of 100 southern Danish production companies, which though e.g. intro days, workshops and seminars get the opportunity to have their knowhow on automation updated. The focus will be directed at process automation, handling operation, transport, assembly and storage systems and complete technical operating systems. The courses are meant to enable the companies to optimize their production facilities by introducing new automation technology.


Automation creates jobs

AutoSyd is part of a larger initiative by Region Syddanmark of a total of 11 Mio. DKK aimed at increasing automation in the production apparatus in companies in southern Denmark. The initiative is launched on the basis of an analysis, which has shown that a strengthening of the region’s companies will increase productivity and keep companies in the region. As a result, the increased productivity will lead to a creation of approx. 4,000 new jobs.

AutoSyd runs for the next 18 months and has the companies Automatic Syd, Alsmatik A/S, Finsø Maskinfabrik A/S, Hannemann Engineering Aps and Pehama Produktion A/S as partners. The companies must contribute with concrete and local experience in automation, which can support and assist new companies in the project with clarification and development of new solutions.

AutoSyd is part of the project Smart Factory, initiated at the turn of the year supported by The Danish Industry Foundation. The purpose of Smart Factory is to create growth in Small and Medium size Enterprises through innovation in the shape of new collaborations and use of technologies. Thus, in the AutoSyd project focus will also be an designing smart factories through automation solutions.


For more information, contact Associate Professor Arne Bilberg, The Mads Clausen Institute, The University of Southern Denmark, Ph. 6550 1629,, or read more on the home page of Vækstforum, Region Syddanmark here.

Editing was completed: 10.10.2013