Councils, boards and committees

Management group

The management group consists of the Head of Department, the Head of the Teaching Committee and the Heads of Sections. The group is advisory to the Head of Department and addresses initiatives of strategic importance to the department as well as issues and challenges that need to be handled outside the current sections and committees. Meetings take place typically once within every 14 days. 

Minutes of the management group meetings (for employees)

Advisory board
The advisory board contributes to the promotion of the strategic activities of the department with its experience and insight into education, research, dissemination and exchange of knowledge. The advisory board also contributes to strengthen the quality and relevance of the educations of the department. The advisory board, consisting of alumni and employers, meets at least once a year.

Mahmoud Abou Chouk, Business Line Manager, KMD 
Agata Przybyszewska, PhD, Mathmagicians
John Schou, Associate Professor, University College Lillebælt
Bjarke Jørgensen, Head of Research, Newtec Engineering 
Jeppe Buk, Senior Development Director, Danske Bank 
Ralph Zitz, Director, DTO - Digital Play Experience at LEGO, LEGO
Annegrethe Bak, Senior Portfolio Manager, Hedging & Treasury, ATP 
 Kurt René Eriksen, Principal, Nordfyns Gymnasium
Martin Rud Ehmsen, CTO, Hesehus A/S

Department forum
The department forum is open for debate, and is intended to act as sparring partner for the department leader. Meetings take place on the second Friday of every month, except for July.

The department forum of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is made up of the entire staff at any time and also members chosen by the students of the department. The student member is: Kris Rosenkjær Bjørnholt Thomsen.

Newsletters and minutes of the department forum meetings.

Department Council                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The task of the Department Council is to discuss and advise the leadership of the department regarding development, organization and economy of the department. Meetings take place at least twice per semester. 

Minutes of the department council meetings (for employees)

PhD committee
The PhD committee at IMADA gives each application for the PhD Committee of the Faculty of Science a professional consideration. The PhD committee at IMADA deals with the enquiries of the dean within the PhD study programme at IMADA.

Smartreg info for PhD students (for employees)

Education committee
The task of the education committee is to pre-consider all issues for the Science Study Board, as well as to continuously evaluate and regulate the offered courses and study programmes of the department.

Work environment committee
The work environment committee of IMADAs meets once every semester. The committee produces the statutory workplace evaluation.

Minutes of work environment committee meetings

Library committee
The library committee gives advice in issues regarding the library, e.g. budgetary and financial issues.

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