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FAQ NERA Conference 2021

If you have any question or need help with anything, please find our information desk in The Winter Garden at SDU Campus, where we will be ready to help you during the conference or look for people wearing a blue ribbon.

Find your way on SDU
SDU Maps is our digital campus map that lets you search for meeting rooms. A wayfinding feature leads you directly to the room you need to find. Use the search field at the top left. Insert the room number and it will guide you the way:

A manned wardrobe will be available in The Winter Garden during the conference. Please do not leave valuables in the wardrobe.

Wireless Network
SDU: At SDU we use Eduroam, so if you already use that on, you’re on workplace you can just log on with that otherwise you can access the visitor-wireless network please find the ‘SDU-VISITOR’ and follow the guidance.
ODEON: Follow the information given at the hotel to access the wireless network.

Water dispenser and water bottle
According to the SDG-politics at SDU we will not be serving water in water bottles during the conference, but there are water stands with cold water accessible on SDU Campus. Therefore, please bring your own water bottle.

Opening hours canteen
• Wednesday: 07.45 – 15.30
• Thursday: 07.45 – 15.30
• Friday: 07.45 – 14.00

For more information about the Canteen click here.

First Aid kid
You find First Aid kid in the information in The Winter Garden. Otherwise contact an “Ask me” staff.

Please remember that smoking indoors is not permitted at SDU Campus or ODEON.
As an exception, at the Annual University Celebration smoking is permitted in several courtyards (marked with red) .

‘Ask me’ staff
Throughout the conference, staff will be available for questions. So, if you are in doubt about something, ask them. Look for staff with a blue ribbon.

Buses and taxis
- Fynbus: If you are going for a ride with the bus in Odense, you are travelling with FynBus. Tickets can be purchased as mobile tickets by downloading this App for Apple and Android. You can pay with Mobile Pay or several debit cards. Buses will depart from Campusvej at P1 and P2 to the center of Odense.

- Free inner-city bus: In Odense there are free inner city bus services that run at intervals of approximately ten minutes. The buses are easy to recognize - they are pink and decorated with characters from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

- Rent a bike: You can jump on a city bike from Donkey Republic in Odense. If you want to rent a bike the easiest way is to download the App.

- Taxa: You can always call a taxi in Odense. You can call one of the following: Mini-taxa (+45 66123712), Dantaxi (+45 48484848), or Taxasyd (+45 66154415).

The nearest ATM is in Odense City or the TrainStation. Otherwise, you can ask in the reception on the hotel where you live.

We encourage you to bring your own monitors, so you have the opportunity to charge your computer / phone during the conference.


Last Updated 15.10.2021