The Postmigrant Condition

The Postmigrant Condition: Art, Culture and Politics in Contemporary Europe

Conference, 22. - 23. November 2018, University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

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Contact: Moritz Schramm

BIOS Invited Speakers

  • Roger Bromley
    is Emeritus Professor in Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham, and was a Visiting Professor at Lancaster University until 2016. He worked for forty four years in a range of UK Higher Education institutions, and is the author of Lost Narratives: Popular Fictions and Politics (1988); Narratives for a New Belonging: Diasporic Cultural Fictions (2000), From Alice to Buena Vista: the Cinema of Wim Wenders (2001) and four other books, as well as more than 50 scholarly articles. His current research interests include migration, diaspora, and literary/cinematic representations of displaced peoples. He has lectured abroad in a number of countries, most recently in Egypt, Denmark, and Italy.
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  • Marco Antonsich is a senior lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Loughborough. His research focuses on how togetherness in diversity is theorized, narrated and lived within contemporary societies, focusing particularly on the idea of everyday nationhood. Funded by various institutions (U.S. National Science Foundation; NATO and Italian National Research Council; CIMO-Finland; and the European Commission), his work has appeared in leading academic journals: Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Political Geography, Progress in Human Geography, and Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers among others. He is the founder and convenor of the Loughborough University Nationalism Network (LUNN):
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  • John McLeod is Professor of Postcolonial and Diaspora Literatures at the University of Leeds, UK. His books include Life Lines: Writing Transnational Adoption (Bloomsbury, 2015), Postcolonial London: Rewriting the Metropolis (Routledge, 2004) and Beginning Postcolonalism (2000/2010). His editorial work includes The Revision of Englishness (Manchester University Press, 2004) and, most recently, a special issue of Études Anglaises (70/1: 2017) concerning ‘New Diasporas, New Directions’. His new book, Global Trespassers: Permitted Migration, Prohibited Personhood, will appear with Liverpool University Press in 2020.
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  • Kijan Espahangizi, Dr. sc. ETH, is a historian and scientific coordinator of the Center History of Knowledge, a joint institution of the ETH & University of Zurich. He works on the history of migration knowledge and on the concept of postmigrant society. He is also the co-founder and co-president of the postmigrant think & act tank New Swiss Institute INES (
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  • Myriam Geiser is Associate Professor at the Department of German Studies at Université Grenoble Alpes, France (2014– ). She has published several volumes and numerous articles on contemporary German- and French-language literature and cinema in its transnational context, on literary theory and historiography, on (post-)migration and literature, and on transcultural studies. Her book publications include Der Ort transkultureller Literatur in Deutschland und in Frankreich. Deutsch-türkische und frankomaghrebinische Literatur der Postmigration (Würzburg 2015), Limites de la centralité – La dynamique des centres et des périphéries (ed., Berlin 2011), Identité en métamorphose dans l’écriture contemporaine (ed., Aix-en-Provence 2006).
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  • Juliane Karakayali is Professor of Sociology at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Her fields of research are migration, organisations, racism and gender. She is co-editor of movements – Online journal for critical migration- and border regime studies and member of Rat für Migration, Deutschland.
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  • Azadeh Sharifi is a theater scholar. Since 2016, she is a PostDoc researcher at the theatre department Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, where she works on "(Post)migrant Theatre in German Theatre History – (Dis)Continuity of Aesthetics and Narratives". She was a Fellow at the International Research Center "Interweaving Performance Cultures", Freie Universität Berlin. She is a member of the Future Advisory Board (fab) of Performance Studies international (PSi) and one of the curators of the theater festival Politik im Freien Theater München 2018.
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  • Erol Yildiz studied pedagogy, sociology and psychology at the University of Cologne. He holds a Phd in sociology from the University of Cologne, 1996. In 2005 Erol Yildiz habilitated at the University of Cologne in sociology, he was visiting professor in Luxembourg, Munich, Graz, Vienna and had short-time professorships in Hamburg and Cologne. Erol Yildiz was a professor of "Intercultural Education" at the Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt between 2008 and 2014. Since March 2014 he is professor for the teaching and research area "Migration and Education" at the University of Innsbruck. Main research: migration research, migration, city, diversity. Selected Publications: Die weltoffene Stadt. Wie Migration Globalisierung zum urbanen Alltag macht. 2013 Bielefeld; Migration, Stadt und Urbanität. 2017 Wiesbaden (co-ed. with Geisen/Riegel); Postmigrantische Visionen. 2018 Bielefeld (co-ed. with Hill). Contact:
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  • Marc Hill (PhD) is an Assistant Professor with the University of Innsbruck (Austria) based research and teaching focus Migration and Education. He studied education, with minors in psychology and sociology, at the University of Cologne (Germany) and earned his PhD at the University of Klagenfurt (Austria). His research interests focus on the city, migration, diversity, marginalization, the development of post-migrant and multiple-home, hybrid visions of belonging and education. He is also active in Citizen Science. He prepares peer reviews for academic journals and is involved in proposing and implementing third-party funded projects. Contact: Institut für Erziehungswissenschaften, Universität Innsbruck, Liebeneggstraße 8, 6020 Innsbruck, Phone: +43-0512-507-40039, e-mail:, ORCID 0000-0002-5773-0210
  • Riem Spielhaus is Professor in Islamic Studies at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. She joined the Georg Eckert Institute in April 2016 as head of the department Textbooks and Society and Professor of Islamic Studies with a focus on education and cultures of knowledge. She studies debates about and knowledge production on Islam and Muslims in Europe and religious education in diverse societies. Together with Juliane Karakayali and Naika Foroutan she recently published Postmigrantische Perspektiven: Ordnungssysteme, Repräsentationen, Kritik at Campus Verlag.
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  • Vassilis Tsianos is Professor in Sociology at the University in Kiel. 





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