Booking hotels in Odense

We have made reservations at the following hotels in Odens  located close to the train/bus station:

  • Hotel Plaza   
  • Hotel CabInn
  • Radisson Blu, H.C. Andersen

    Hotels Single room
    /per night 
    Breakfast How to book 
    Hotel CabInn
    15 rooms
    565 DKK Included  Go to CabInn,
    select dates, use
    the code CBSHSL
    Hotel Plaza
    15 rooms
     760,63 DKK Included Fill this form and send
    it to
    Radisson Blu,
    H.C. Andersen

    15 rooms
     935 DKK
    (Same price for
    Included Fill this form and send
    it to

    With only a certain number of rooms at each hotel, we will book you in at the hotels on first-come-first-serve-basis.
    Please send your reservation to the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) Accommodation Office:

    Deadline for hotel reservations: 01-11-2017

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