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26 January 2017: We hereby announce the first call for abstracts for NNMF 6. Please, submit abstracts for one of the following formats:

All themes related to L1 research are welcomed. Participants are encouraged to thematize the conference theme, boundary students, if possible. Second call was sent 4 April, 2017. Third call was sent 2 May, 2017. Fourth call sent out 18 May and has deadline 18 June 2017.



Symposia typically comprise three to four presentations revolving a shared theme or question, a commentary from a discusant, and time for plenary discussion. The symposium may cover1 or 2 slots, that is, either 90 minutes (3-4 presentations) or 180 minutes (5-6). Organizers submit a shared abstract and individual descriptions of paper presentations. The shared abstract offers a general desription of the purpose of the symposium, max 250-300 words exclusive title and references. In the same document, abstracts for the paper presentations are submitted (same number of words per presentation) as well as names of contributors/authors, the organizer of the symposium, and the discussant. Abstracts for symposia are submitted using this symposia scheme sent to

Individual paper presentation

Individual paper presentations comprise a 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. Please, submit an abstract which describes, if possible the study’s background, theoretical framework, research question, empirical data, methodology, findings, and implications. Max 250-300 words, exclusive title and references. Abstracts for individual paper presentations are submitted using this paper presentations scheme sent to

Poster presentations

Poster presentations offer the opportunity to present results from research and development projects, including projects in progress. Abstracts for Poster presentations are between 150 and 250 words. Poster format is A0. Abstracts are submitted using the poster presentation form and the email address

Posters for presentation of ongoing research projects or educational development projects should abide to these guidelines:

  • Poster size is A0
  • Gives a quick overview of research question, method and results
  • Has a limited amount of text and uses visual means to convey the message
  • Includes references to further reading
  • Includes names of authors, affiliation and contact information
  • Can be supplemented with hand-outs, printed articles etc.
  • There will be an interactive poster-session where you get 3-5 minutes to present your poster and have the possibility to answer questions. This will be done in clusters of max. 7-10 posters depending on the total number of presentations.  

Links to online guides here

Review of abstracts
All abstracts are peer-reviewed by two blinded reviewers.  If abstract is submitted mid-May,the decision is sent at the end of June 2017, either as a) accepted, b) accepted with revisions or c) rejected. If submitted mid-June, answer is sent mid-August.

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