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PhD students at the Department for the Study of Culture

All PhD students within the Faculty of Humanities are enrolled in its Graduate School and as a rule employed at one of the departments. As Department employees PhD students are subject to the same guidelines with regard to attendance, notification of illness, holidays etc. that apply to the other members of the academic staff. PhD students are normally allotted a shared office located close to those of the academic area or the research group to which they belong.

A PhD student, unlike other employees of the Department, has an individual financial grant for attending courses, conferences, meetings etc. There is a specific travel grant application to be completed prior to the journey concerned. It should be approved by your supervisor prior and submitted to  the Department’s PhD administration (Maria Hollemann or Marianne Lysholt).

As a PhD student you will attend an annual performance and development review with a staff director. During this review agreements are made with regard to your teaching and academic mediation to ensure conformity with the requirement for a total of 5 semester-hours. Furthermore the review is an opportunity to discuss other matters related to your employment and your work including social and psychological well-being as well as working conditions, including office facilities and IT equipment.

The PhD administration of the Department comprises Maria Hollemann or Marianne Lysholt (Department Secretaries)


Last Updated 18.02.2021