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Our research

The project investigates the nature and the role of scientific expert testimony in an epistemically diverse society.

Both public institutions and the media face a tension between relying on scientific testimony and representing diverse viewpoints. However, it is not clear that we currently address this tension in an optimal manner. Thus, the project aims to provide an analysis of epistemic diversity and its consequences for social cognition and epistemic injustice.

Another aim of the project is to provide an analysis of the role of scientific expert testimony in epistemically diverse societies and apply it to concrete issues pertaining to experts in the media. Generally, these analyses will exemplify how foundational philosophical research contributes to interdisciplinary empirical research on social cognition.

The project is situated at the Research Program Cognition, Communication and Science (CoCoS) at the Section of Philosophy at the Department for the Study of Culture and the University of Southern Denmark.


Last Updated 09.01.2020