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Mikkel Gerken (PhD, UCLA, 2007) is the principal investigator for the project. He works in epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and cognitive science and has broad interests that also include philosophical methodology. Prior to coming to Southern Denmark, he was an Associate Professor at the University of Edinburgh, and he is currently the William H. Bonsall Visiting Associate Professor at Stanford. Gerken has written many articles and two books: 'Epistemic Reasoning and the Mental' (Palgrave 2013) and 'On Folk Epistemology' (Oxford University Press 2017). He is currently writing on a third one: 'The Significance of Scientific Testimony' (under contract, Oxford University Press). Go to personal website


Kenneth Boyd  (PhD, University of Toronto, 2014) is a postdoc on the project. He works in social epistemology, with particular focus on theories of testimony, groups, and understanding, as well as American pragmatism. His current project looks at what we cannot and should not learn from other people, especially when it comes to the relationship between laypeople and experts. Go to personal website


Uwe Peters  (PhD, King's College London, 2016) is a postdoctoral researcher on the project. He explores how political and other kinds of biases (eg, confirmation bias) affect people's uptake of scientific claims. At the moment, he is particularly interested in the relationship between scientific testimony and descriptive norms in the context of political  polarization . Go to personal website

Last Updated 24.02.2020