Frauke Wiegand

Frauke Wiegand, Post.doc, PhD

University of Copenhagen


Frauke Wiegand is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at University of Copenhagen. She holds an MA in African Studies and Communication Studies from Humboldt University Berlin and a PhD in Cultural Memory Studies from University of Copenhagen. Her work focuses on visual culture, coloniality and practices of Othering, actor-network methodology and photography. As part of 'Art Politics and Culture in the Postmigrant Condition', she is working on an ethnography of doing diversity work at art institutions in Berlin and Copenhagen.


Three relevant publications

“Wild Inside: Uncanny Encounters in European Traveller Fantasies of Africa”, with Marcela Knapp, in: Tourism and the Power of Otherness, eds. David Picard and Michael A. Di Giovine, Bristol: Channel View 2014, pp. 158-175.

'The Agency of Memory Objects: Tracing Memories of Soweto at Regina Mundi Church”, in: Memory Unbound: New Directions in Memory Studies, eds. Lucy Bond, Pieter Vermeulen and Stef Craps, London: Berghahn 2016.

Transvisuality. The Cultural Dimension of Visuality. Vol. I-III, eds. Anders Michelsen, Frauke Wiegand & Tore Kristensen, Liverpool: Liverpool UP 2014-17.