The network is organised around a number of sub-teams or sub-networks focusing on different aspects of the concept of learning.

In the months to come, these sub-teams or sub-networks will be identified and specified, but for now, such sub-networks as the following appear:

  • Learning discourses, nationally and internationally (i.e. ‘learning styles’, ‘learn to learn’, ‘evidence based learning’)
  • Learning taxonomies
  • Conceptualisations of learning within different subjects, such as language, mathematics, etc.
  • Technology and conceptualisations of learning
  • Connections between learning theory and didactics
  • Signs of learning – semantic constructions of learning, i.e. how learning is identified as behaviour, communication, etc.
  • Philosophy of human learning –epistemological and ontological frameworks of theories of learning
  • Definitions of learning and empirical research (discussion of how to use concepts of learning when conducting empirical research)