The network will hold one exploratory workshop in the Fall 2017 in Odense, followed by a workshop in the Spring 2018 in Lund and a workshop in the Fall 2018 in Oslo.
The workshops will:
-map out research and teaching activities within the field of narratives in medicine in the Nordic countries 
-investigate the link between literature, philosophy and medicine
-produce a number of articles, published in literary, philosophical and medical journals 
-prepare an application for a long-term funding


4th October 2017: Public conversation with Professor Rita Charon (Columbia University) and Writer and Emeritus Professor David B. Morris (University of Virginia). Moderated by Niels Bohr Professor Rita Felski (University of Southern Denmark).
The public conversation was about narrative medicine and medical eros as two comparable strategies to counter or at least supplement the current predominance of biomedicine. Professor of Medicine Rita Charon coined the term “narrative medicine” around 2000, she is now the Executive Director of the Program of Narrative Medicine at Columbia, and in her publications (see her 2006/8 and the co-authored 2017 Oxford University book) she has made a strong argument about the need for “narrative knowledge” in the medical system. Likewise, Writer and Professor of English David B. Morris has argued in his new book, Eros and Illness, published by Harvard University Press that “medical logos” cannot stand alone in the healthcare system and should be accompanied by what he calls a “medical eros”. Both Charon and Morris use literature and art in order to recognize the deeply human needs of patients. 

4th October 2017: Additional activity for members of the Nordic Network for Narratives in Medicine
The steering committee of the Nordic Network for Narratives in Medicine and the coordinator presented themselves, and the vision of the network

was discussed.

5th October 2017: Seminar with Writer and Emeritus Professor David B. Morris (University of Virginia)
The seminar was about David B. Morris’ new book Eros and Illness (Harvard University Press, 2017). Writing from his own heartbreaking experience as a caretaker for his wife, Morris relates how desire can worsen or, with care, mitigate the heavy weight of disease. He looks at myths, memoirs, paintings, performances, and narratives to understand how illness is intertwined with the things we value most dearly. Drawing on cultural resources from many centuries and media, the book reaches out a hand to guide us through the long night of illness, as Susan Sontag once described it, showing us how to find productive desire where we expected only despair and defeat.

5th October 2017: Additional activity for members of the Nordic Network for Narratives in Medicine

A session under the headline ”Narratives in medicine” opened by a keynote lecture by Rolf Ahlzén (the keynote lecture was showed via a link)  followed by short responses from Anders Juhl Rasmussen and Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox. The topic ”narratives in medicine” was discussed in small groups where everybody was invited to share their opinions on the topic. The session was closed with short presentations in plenum of the discussion in the groups and some concluding remarks from the steering committee.

Keynote lecture by Rolf Ahlzén.


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