Project managers:

Professor Anne-Marie Mai
Professor Klaus Petersen

Management group:

Peter Simonsen
Kim Brixen
Paul Marx
Pernille Tanggard Andersen


Table 1: Participants according to faculties and working groups in NICE Welfare, main discipline in brackets.


Working groups


Life Course

and Wellbeing

Manager: Peter Simonsen (CUL)

and Bernard Jeune (HEA)

Democracy and


Manager: Jon Kvist (POL) and Pernille Tanggaard Andersen (HEA)

Welfare: State

and Society

Manager: Klaus Petersen (HIS)

and Paul Marx (POL)


Kaare Christensen (CLI)

Bernard Jeune (HEA)

Kim Brixen (HEA)

Pernille Tanggaard

Andersen (HEA)

Pernille Tanggaard

Andersen (HEA)



Jørn Henrik

Petersen (ECO + HIS) Jon Kvist (POL)

Olli Kangas* (SOC+POL, KELA)

Jochen Clasen** (POL, Edinburgh)

Paul Marx (POL)

Caroline de la Porte (POL) Olli Kangas* (POL, KELA) Charles Ragin** (POL+SOC, UC Irvine) Jochen Clasen** (POL, Edinburgh)

Jørn Henrik

Petersen (ECO + HIS) Herbert Obinger** (POL, Bremen)

Daniel Béland* (POL, Saskatchewan)

Birgit Pfau-Effinger* (SOC, Hamburg)


Peter Simonsen (CUL)

Søren Harnow (CUL) Anne-Marie Søndergaard (CUL)

Camilla Schwarz (CUL)

Bruce Robbins* (CUL, NY)

Anne-Marie Mai (CUL)

Jeppe Nevers (HIS)

Anita Bech Albertsen (CUL) Michael Kuur Sørensen (HIS)

Pauli Kettunen** (HIS, Helsinki)

Anne-Marie Mai (CUL)

Michael Kuur

Sørensen (HIS)

Bruce Robbins* (CUL),

New York)

Henrik Stenius** (HIS, Helsinki)

Sissel Bjerrum Fossat (HIS) Anne-Marie Mai (CUL)

Other external


Niels Ploug (Statistics


The National

Museum of Denmark

The Social Welfare Museum

Niels Ploug (Statistics


The Social Welfare Museum

Note: * external professors working part-time in the project. ** Other external professors working part-time at SDU. The list does not include the new assistant professors and postdocs applied for. CLI: clinical health studies, CUL: cultural studies, ECO: economics, HEA: health, HIS: history, POL: political science, SOC: sociology.


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