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Readings for Inspiration

Publications in relation to the NetEduproject:

  • Strengthening Education Through Collaborative Networks
  • Díaz-Gibson, J., Daly, A. J., Balslev, G. M., Downey, C., Karakaya, E. O., Arenas, G., Liou, Y., Civís, M. & Riera, J. (in press). Leading Educational Ecosystems: An international collaborative effort around climate and culture ind public schooling. Educational Management Administration & Leadership
  • Díaz-Gibson, J., Zaragoza, M. C., Daly, A. J., Mayayo, J. L. & Romaní, J. R. (2016). Networked Leadership in Educational Collaborative Networks (2016). Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 45.(6.), s. 1040-1059 

Further Readings: