NetEduProject conference in 2021

About this international conference

The overreaching goal of this conference is to contribute to equity of education on a global scale through enhancing collaborative educational networks on a local scale. We invite researchers, educators and policy-makers to come together from across the world and discuss ideas, practice and strategies on local traversing educational networks in the form of Open Schools. The conference tackles developmental work in the educational system and addresses urgent network issues and seeks to set agenda for future work with collaborative educational networks.

The global research group behind the NetEduProject are the hostes of the conference and will share research data and experience with supporting schools to develop collaborative, trustful and innovative ecosystems through working with the social infrastructure with the notion of the school not being apart from but a part of the local community and vice versa.


An International conference on sustainable educational networks

The NetEduProject is an international collaboration among researchers and practitioners working with education The core of the project is a cooperation between schools and communities and their ability to cooperate and co-create to meet local educational goals. The school's ability to collaborate is documented by using The NetEdu Tool (15 minute survey), which is a tool designed to measure the ability to collaborate around children and young people's education in the local network of schools, institutions, associations and professions.

The project is relevant to educators, communities and researchers on a global scale as it is to the Danish school system, because it provides a systematic way of documenting collaboration around the Danish national reform of the public-school system: The Concept of Open Schools. The project draws on international research and community-based experience and is supported by a well-documented measurement tool. 

The Danish municipality of Svendborg  – in the southern part of Denmark – is already exploring the possibilities for strengthening work with Open School on the basis of The NetEduProjects principles. Southern Denmark is ideal for hosting the conference by offering an opportunity for exchanging experiences on how the public-school system can open its doors towards the local community. Specifically, the municipality of Svendborg has interesting experience with educational networks through the Svendborg Project where schools work closely with the local sports associations. In other words, Svendborg already has experiences in line with the NetEduProject.

The conference will run over four days, where two days will have a formal conference program, and two additional days  will have an optional and cultural network program. The formal program includes visits to a local project where practitioners give presentations on initiatives with Open School. There will be an opportunity to form both national and international networks.

The research group behind The NetEduProject are the initiators of the conference. The research team is globally rooted in the following countries: Spain, Turkey, France, Holland, Denmark, England, Colombia, Chile, USA, Taiwan (see research team in the table at the end of this document).

Date to be announced