NetEduProject - Danish Project

The Danish part of the NetEduProject initially started out as a research dialogue between to Ph.D. students in 2012. At this point Jordi Diaz Gibson (Blancerna, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona) and Gitte Miller Balslev (The University of Roskilde) met in Denmark in relation to the research project Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector, at Roskilde University. At this point, both Ph.D. students were studding the educational sector with an interest in innovation and collaboration. But it was not before 2017 the NetEduProject was brought into a Danish context – and at this time with a focus on The Open School in relation to the latest national reform of public Danish schooling.

The Danish part of NetEduProject is now based with Educational Studies at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) at the Department for the Study of Culture. And is connected to the research on open schooling in Denmark through the research unit “Open School” at the University of Aarhus.

The Danish part of the NetEduProject has lately been focusing on both expert and practitioner validation of the NetEduTool (a 15 minute survey). And the project is now entering a test run phase where the tool is tested with the educational network actors (teachers, parents, students, local community actors ect.) at the 10. grade department of “Nymarkskolen” – a public school (1st-10th grade)  in the southern part of the island Funen.

Furthermore, the Danish project group is working intensely on getting research funding for the Danish part of the project and looking into possibilities for cross disciplinary collaboration with other research departments at SDU working with public education.