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Webinar: "Does life experiences deepen the view on literature?"

August 25, 2021, webinar - Does life experiences deepen the view on literature?. The Danish author Naja Marie Aidt and associate professor of narrative medicine at The University of Southern Denmark Anders Juhl Rasmussen talk about life experiences, the loss of language and Naja Marie Aidt's book Har døden taget noget fra dig så giv det tilbage. Carls bog. Watch their conversation here:



Webinar: "Can Literature Increase Empathy?"

June 8, 2021, webinar - Can literature increase empathy ?. The Danish author Helle Helle and associate professor of narrative medicine Anders Juhl Rasmussen talk about Helle Helle's new novel Bob and literature's ability to increase empathy. Watch or rewatch their conversation here:



"Narrative medicine - the art of reading, writing, listening and understanding"

March 1, 2021, podcast - The stethoscope, Student-driven podcast on health and medicine, has spoken with Anders Juhl Rasmussen, associate professor of narrative medicine, Department of Cultural Studies, SDU and medical student Julie Ravn, who has just won a short story competition held by SDU with the theme ' health and disease. Listen to the podcast and Julie Ravn's short story here:



"How is Narrative Medicine an Interdisciplinary Practice?"

September 12, 2019, University of Southern Denmark - excerpt from a keynote by Professor Rita Charon from Columbia University during the seminar "Narrative Medicine in Denmark: how can literary texts and methods improve the education of physicians and health care professionals?"



"Narrative medicine - How studying literary fiction and creative writing can contribute to healthcare professionals education and the rehabilitation of chronically ill people."

25 September 2018, Copenhagen - lecture by Anders Juhl Rasmussen, Associate Professor of Narrative Medicine, Department of Cultural Studies, SDU.




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