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Asynchronous resources for the conference

Welcome video by Deans og Humanities and Health Faculty at University of Southen Denmark


Movie: The New University Hospital in Odense



White paper: New Hospital Construction - Future Hospitals in Denmark 



Interview: Places and Spaces in the Danish Health Services Over Time

Anders Juhl Rasmussen, Associate Professor of Narrative Medicine, Department for the Study of Culture, SDU

Morgens Hører, Professor, Research Unit of User Perspectives, SDU.

Interview forside



Book: New Psychiatric Hospital Slagels




Keynote Speakers 


Rishi Goyal - Empty Cities 


Kenneth Holm - New university Hospital Odense, Denmark


Sarah Cutis - 'Daring' to be 'Caring'?


Christian Karlsson & Ursula Andkjær -New Psychiatric Hospital Slagels

Last Updated 29.06.2021