3 May, 2017: MultiL1 researchers applied for a new NordForsk instrument submitting the proposal The Nordic Literacy Hub: Literacy and Disciplinarity in 21st-century Nordic Schools involving 18 partner universities and 44 researchers from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Click here for Public summary and CVs of participants in the consortium.


The research project Multimodal literacy practices in L1 – a Nordic perspective, or simply MultiL1, explores developments in the teaching and learning of so-called multimodal literacy practices. This implies an expanded semiotic approach to the teaching and learning of ‘reading and writing’ within mother tongue education (also known as L1).

The research project is a collaborative interdisciplinary and inter-institutional project involving researchers from Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It is funded by a HUM SEED grant from the Faculty of Humanities, University of Southern Denmark, and by participants’ home departments.  The project runs, in its first phase, from 2015 to 2017. The plan is to continue the project until 2021/22.

This website offers further information on:

In the ongoing process of developing the project, we are interested in getting all kinds of comments and ideas. Please, feel free to contact us using twitter or by writing an email, and we will start collaborating.

As you have probably noted, the project has a boringly long official title – which is why we have developed a short acronym for the project as well! We call it MultiL1. Both here and on social media, including Twitter (search for #multiL1).

Kind regards,

Nikolaj F. Elf, Principal Investigator (PI) of the project