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Sub-project 4, headed by Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz

Sub-project 4 , headed by Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz, deals with the meaning of the concept of culture in relation to the change in stance of museums since the 1990s, a change that has been understood in the context of new institutionalism (Ekeberg 2003, Möntmann 2006). The thesis is that new institutionalism has contributed to specific changes in museum culture, but also more generally to ways in which culture is experienced and presented. In this context, the focus is on experiences of art as event, either outside or at specific sites within the institution, and on experiences founded on the action-based dialogue between artist, art events and the public. From the beginning, new institutionalism responded to working methods derived from artists' own practice and, with this as a framework, has emphasised installation, interdisciplinary and socially and politically-oriented art. Against this framing, the sub-project will focus on curating and exhibiting practice in a specific institutional (art museum) context.

The sub-project is supposed to contribute to the overall project as a bridge between theory and practice by developing a conceptual framework for curating and exhibiting practice. For this purpose questions should be asked about how a collection-based, media-specific institution can relate to a new institutionalism that equates exhibiting practice with other (interdisciplinary) activities. Furthermore, questions should be asked about the concepts the museum curator can use to redefine his/her own practice and rethink communication strategies and presentation methods with the focus on developing the museum experience in a topical context in which "atmosphere" and "mood" (Böhme) are the top scorers for users of Danish art museums (Danske museer i tal and Brugerundersøgelse 2012).
With regard to methodology, this sub-project is supposed to relate to the general framework by taking its point of departure on the one hand in non- or more-than-representational theory (Thrift, Lorrimer), and on the other in a case study inspired by ethnography with questionnaires and qualitative interviews (Fremtidens Kunstmuseum, 2010). In addition, the project is supposed to relate to Bal's concept-based methodology and particularly the concept of curatorial framing (2012), in which curating appears as a discursive activity that opens up works of art and objects and invites users to take part in a dialogue through the very use of framing. The project shall result in specific conceptualisations for presenting contemporary art by viewing this core creativity against the efforts of new institutionalism to play an active role in the production of social and political "realities".

There has been an initial dialogue with Professor Hilde Van Gelder and Professor Alexander Streitberger, Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. There has also been taken initial contact to Associate Professor Helen Westgeest, University Leiden, the Netherlands; Dr. Alexandra Moschovi, University of Sunderland; Curator Nina Möntman and curator and editor of, Jonas Ekeberg. In addition there may be a collaboration possibility with the Appel Art Centre, Amsterdam.