Project: Stine W. Adrian

(Trans)formations of kinship: When Danish sperm goes global


By Stine W. Adrian, Aalborg University

Danish sperm and know-how on sperm banking has recently become a global commodity.
Danish sperm banks exports sperm to more than 60 countries while
recent changes in the Danish legislation that allow for insemination of single women and
lesbians have turned Denmark into a fertility tourist destination.
The purpose of this project is to explore (trans)formations of kinship when Danish
sperm and know-how on sperm banks becomes a global product. Focus rests on how
constructions of kinship are influenced by different and changing understandings of family,
masculinity, sexuality, ethnicity, and normality. How are understandings of kinship
negotiated in relation to sperm donation when know-how, bodies, and sperm are crossing the
borders of nation states? What impact does import of Danish sperm and know-how on sperm
have on understandings of kinship in the receiving countries? And what happens in Denmark
to conceptualizations of kinship when Danish sperm becomes a global product?
A multi-sited ethnography at a Danish sperm bank, its global franchises and two private fertility clinics will be carried out.

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