Project: Nathalie Soelmark

(Trans)formation of Kinship: Mediated experiences of connections between body, biotechnology, and kinship. 


By Nathalie Soelmark

This project focuses on how reproductively challenged individuals perform their experience with fertility treatments and the biomedical discourse in video sequences on YouTube, blogs and in documentary film. The performed experiences are pursued as key elements of a critical reflection on, intentionally engagement in, and activity with connections between body, technology, and the transformations of what constitutes kinship. Through a thematically based analysis of the mediations, this project asks, what significance these mediated performances of experiences with reproductive knowhow have in relation to the individual’s perception of body and concepts of kinship. This project focuses on how the use of reproductive knowhow not only expresses an individual want and need(kinship) but through the mediations reflect collective concerns of connections between bio- and media technology, the body, and how these notions influence on the transformation of kinship.

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