Project: Charlotte Kroløkke

(Trans)formations of kinship: Travelling to India for surrogacy 


By Charlotte Kroløkke

Transnational surrogacy raises profound questions to the construction of kin as well as the construction of citizenship. Based on interviews with European intended parents and transcripts from legal proceedings in India and in the Scandinavian countries, the project asks: How is nationality and kinship managed and transformed in cases of transnational surrogacy? Theoretically, the project is informed by scholarship broadly situated within medical sociological and anthropological studies.


 (Trans)formations of kinship: Travelling to Spain for eggs

This project explores how kinship is (trans)formed when Danish women go to Spain for egg donation. Key research questions are: How are motherhood, nationality, and biology interpreted and renegotiated? How do the women, at times, foreground nature and at other times foreground nurture in the making of motherhood? The project privileges the staging that goes into reproductive travel for eggs and thus, is empirically grounded in interviews with Danish women, online marketing material, and observations carried out in Spanish infertility clinics.



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